Documents de travail


WP N° 2022-01

The Health-Consumption Effects of Increasing Retirement Age Late in the Game

Eve Caroli, Catherine Pollak, Muriel Roger




WP N°2/ 2021

Le premier paiement à la performance proposé aux médecins libéraux en France :quel impact sur l’activité des médecins généralistes

Brigitte Dormont, Aimée Kingsada, Anne-Laure Samson


WP N°1/ 2021

La conduite de la dépense de santé en France : comment sortir des impasses ?

Brigitte Dormont




WP N°3/ 2020

Impact de l'accueil des bénéficiaires de la CMU-C sur l’activité des médecins et des dentistes libéraux

Brigitte Dormont et Cécile Gayet


WP N°2/ 2020

Don't Downsize This!  Social  Reactions  to Mass Dismissals on Twitter

Andrea Bassanini, Eve Caroli, Bruno Chaves Ferreira and An


WP N°1/ 2020

Supplementary Health Insurance and medical prices: an inflationary spiral?

Mathilde Péron, Brigitte Dormont




WP N°7/ 2019

Gender Heterogeneity in Self-reported Health : The Case of Diabetes

Eric Bonsang, Eve Caroli and Clémentine Garrouste


WP N°6/ 2019

Labor Market Concentration and Stayers'Wages:  Evidence from France 

Andrea Bassanini, Cyprien Batut and Eve Caroli


WP N°5/ /2019

Parental Attitudes and Beliefs about Vaccines: Unexpected Effects of a Hepatitis B Vaccination Campaign

Clémentine Garrouste Arthur Juet and Anne-Laure Samson


WP N°4/ /2019

Impact of later retirement on mortality : Evidence from France

Antoine Bozio Clémentine Garrouste Elsa Perdrix


WP N°3/ /2019

The appropriate use of emergency departments: evidence from a French survey

Brigitte Dormont Alexis Dottin Paul Dourgnon


WP N°2/ /2019

Escaping Social Pressure: Fixed-Term Contracts in Multi-Establishment Firms

Andrea Bassanini  Eve Caroli François Fontaine Antoine Rebérioux


WP N°1/2019

Cognitive Load and Occupational Injuries

Eric Bonsang and Eve Caroli



WP n°1/2018

Filial caregiving for the disabled elderly: the role of contextual interactions 

Louis Arnault and Roméo Fontaine


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WP n°1/2017

Collateral effects of a pension reform in France

Hélène Blake et Clémentine Garrouste


WP n°2/2017

Selection on moral hazard in Supplementary Health Insurance

Mathilde Péron et Brigitte Dormont



WP n°1/2016

The subjective value of a life with Down syndrome : Evidence from amnocentesis decision

Thibault Gajdos, Clémentine Garrouste, Pierre-Yves Geoffard


WP n°2/2016

Long-term Impact of Job Displacement on Job Quality and Satisfaction: Evidence from Germany

Lea Toulemon et Lexane Weber-Baghdiguian



WP n°1/2015

The lasting health impact of leaving school in a bad economy: Britons in the 1970s recession

Clémentine Garrouste et Mathilde Godard


WP n°2/2015

Does health insurance encourage the rise in medical prices? A test on balance billing in France

Brigitte Dormont et Mathilde Peron

WP n°3/2015

Contracting for information: on the effects of the principal's outside option

Franck Bien et Thomas Lanzi


WP n°4/2015

Self-Reported Health and Gender: the Role of Social Norms

Eve Caroli et Lexane Weber-Baghdiguian


WP n°5/2015

Fairness in cost-benefit analysis: an application to health technology assessment

Anne-Laure Samson, Erik Schokkaert, Clémence Thébaut, Brigitte Dormont, Marc Fleurbaey, Stéphane Luchini, Carine Van de Voorde


WP n°6/2015

Benevolent Doctors? Inequity in Healthcare Access in post-soviet Tajikistan

Sandra Pellet




WP n°1/2014

Does it pay to be a general practitioner in France ?

Brigitte Dormont et Anne-Laure Samson


WP n°2/2014

Is work bad for health? 

The role of constraint vs choice

Andrea Bassanini et Eve Caroli


WP n°3/2014

Does job insecurity deteriorate health? A causal approach for Europe.

Eve Caroli et Mathilde Godard


 WP n°4/2014

Not in my Community: Social Pressure and the Geography of Dismissals

Andrea Bassanini, Giorgio Brunello and Eve Caroli


WP n°5/2014

Gaining weight through retirement ? Results from the SHARE survey

Mathilde Godard


WP n°6/2014

Individual uncertainty on longevity

B.Dormont, A.-L.Samsonz, M.Fleurbaey, S.Luchini, E.Schokkaert, C.Thébaut, C.Van de Voorde


WP n°1/2011,

Working in family firms: less paid but more secure? Evidence from French matched employer-employee data

Andréa Bassanini, Eve Caroli, Antoine Rebérioux, Thomas Breda

WP n°2/2011

Stealing to Survive: Crime and Income Shocks In 19th Century France

Vincent Bignon, Eve Caroli, Roberto Galbiati

WP n°3/2011,

Stratégies de Localisation des médecins généralistes français : Mécanismes économiques ou hédonistes

Eric Delattre, Anne-Laure Samson

WP n°4/2011,

Les médecins sont-ils assez payés ? Une comparaison avec les cadres supérieurs

Brigitte Dormont, Anne-Laure Samson

WP n°5/2011,

The dual effect of labour market participation on care provision for elderly parents

Roméo Fontaine

WP n°6/2011,

The effect of public subsidies for formal care on the care provision for disabled elderly people in France

Roméo Fontaine

WP n°7/2011,

Le Recours à l’Aide Complémentaire Santé : les Enseignements d’une Expérimentation Sociale à Lille

Sophie Guthmuller, Florence Jusot, Jérôme Wittwer, Caroline Desprès

WP n°8/2011,

Cross-Country Performance in Social Integration of Older Migrants – A European Perspective

Caroline Berchet, Nicolas Sirven